Discover the Secret Dual-Sport Motorcycle

Let us read about details about the Versys I went to the site Kawasaki. I hover over the tab “Motorcycle” was carrying a sub-menu that offers, among other things, “Sport” and “Dual Purpose.” Mousing over the last option, another sub-menu comes with three choices: KLR 650, KLX 250 SF, and KLX 250 S. Where was the Versys? Looking around I found this under – in my opinion – very unlikely category “Sport.” Wow, Kawasaki considers the Versys a sportbike? I never would have guessed. Just a kissing cousin to the Ninja 650R, right? I do not think so.

Granted that the Versys I rode last week had street tires on it. However, the biggest giveaway was the seat height. Like the dual-sport bike was good, this one is high, 33.3 inches they tell us. Tippy-toe high for people with a 29-inch inseam me. And how about that front suspension: 41mm according to Kawasaki. Same with the KLR 650 and just 2mm less than two dual-other sports. But then, the Ninja 650R also offers 41mm at the front. (Gosh, what would it like to knobbies baby?) Of course, riding position on the Versys is much more upright than on the Ninja, with a grip that is much higher.

Kawasaki also told us that the Versys is tuned to low-range torque, making it consistent with the dual-sport as well. And compact 650cc parallel twin helps keep the body of the bike lean, is also characteristic of dual-sport.

Digging a little further, I came up with a bit of interesting information. Kawasaki not even sure what to call the Versys. Apparently there was a time when they are listing under the “Dual Purpose.” Quoting from a review on the site, “The Versys takes elements of dual-purpose bikes, standards, adventure-tourers and sportbikes ;. Sharing all the characteristics, but neatly fit into the category of not”

Sounds like a pretty good summation. So with the reception that this is a small bikes like many bikes but ultimately not really “like” any other bike, how to ride? I thought you’d never ask.

Let us straight from the horse’s mouth (me being the horse). I carry a small digital recorder so I can dictate my thoughts on certain bikes in place as soon as I get off. This is what I told myself.

“It did not have a whole lot of punch out of the first, but it will be the second that will throw you back in. The seat is quite comfortable. The mirror is good, some better ones I’ve seen. It had a huge suspension, takes bumps real well and matters kind of thing. Put some knobbies on it and it will be good on the ground. very light, does not really bike traveling. you can not really contain all that much about it very well. This is a bike comfortably, either in an upright position riding, small bikini fairing did a pretty good job, a little gust of wind at high speeds, the bike is good. Fun to ride a bike. “

So there you have it. With a 5-gallon tank you will go away from the Versys and with dual-sport tires you do not need to stick to the pavement. At a price point of about $ 7000, it became a must have.

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